DJ Krush / STEPPING STONES The Self-Remixed Best -Lyricism- [CD][Dead Stock]

[ NEW / CD / Sony Music ]


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日本が世界に誇るDJ KRUSH、本人の選曲とリミックスによる初のベスト・アルバム。
C.L. Smoothやブレイク前のMOS DEF、THE ROOTSなど豪華参加!

01. Only The Strong Survive [Bon Mix] (feat.C.L.Smooth)
02. 岐路 [Vib Mix] (feat.TWIGY & RINO)
03. Vision Of Art [Broken Mix] (feat.Company Flow)
04. Zen Approach [Cradle Mix] (feat.Black Thought)
05. Final Home [Piano Mix] (feat.Esthero)
06. Kill Switch [Beep Mix] (feat.Aesop Rock)
07. Nosferatu [Space-cadet Mix] (feat.Mr.Lif)
08. Song For John Walker [Sticky Mix] (feat.Anticon)
09. Meiso [Silent-gun Mix] (feat.Black Thought & Malik B from The Roots)
10. Danger OF Love [Gray-sky Mix] (feat.Zap Mama)
11. Shinjiro [Harsh Mix] (feat.Mos Def)
12. 猛者 -Mosa- (feat.KAN)
13. 猛者 -Mosa- [Remix] (feat.KAN)