K-Murdock / Piano Rama - 歌からラップまで!

[ NEW / CD / Revolution Recording ]


01.Intro (featuring DJ Damu)
02.Star Seeds (featuring The ParanormL)
03.The Chosen (feauturing Megan Livingston)
04.Up-Rizing (featuring Real Reid & DJ Damu)
05.Instro-lude #1(Streisand)
06.A Better Kiss Goodbye (featuring Wes Felton, 0K'Alyn & Quatermaine)
07.Hello Light (featuring Fuzz & Mac)
08.Concrete Jungle (featuring The Regiment)
09.Instro-lude #2 (IGYB)
10.Mood Muzik (featurng Bilal Salaam & Raw Poetic of Panacea)
11.Tobias aka A Jazz Tribute (featuring Wes Felton)
12.One Second Pause (featuring The Ebony Bed)
13.Instro-lude #3 (Mirage)
14.They Don't Know (featuring Hezekiah, Wes Felton & Eleon)
15.Strangers Are Hard to Find (featuring Green of The Five One Band)
16.The Gauntlet (featuring Random & Raw Poetic)
18.Ms. High Heels (featuring Raheem DeVaughn) - JAPAN ONLY BONUS TRACK

MCのRaw PoeticとのPanaceaによるファースト・アルバムで名を馳せたK-Murdockのソロ・プロジェクト。歌からラップまで歌い手を固定しない手法がアプローチの幅をひろげ、得意の透明感あるサウンドが最大限に引き出された充実作で、慌ただしい毎日の清涼剤となりうる癒し度満点の爽快作品。