DJ KeitaMan / BreaKing -Classic Lesson Mix Part 2 - 独自の表現方法で凝った作品!

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渋谷OrganBarの日曜深夜最強系ミラクルイベント「BREAKS Hi-Fi」など年間約100本のスケジュールをこなす個性派DJ KeitaManのMixCD第2弾も新作『ジャズイング パート1』にあわせて緊急入荷!!!ブレイクビーツを中心にキラーチューンApachiやIt's Just

01.Intro Break / DJ KeitaMan
02.A Child's Introduction To Drums / Ruckus Roboticus
03.Swing Set / Jurassic 5
04.Beats + Pieces / Coldcut
Bite This / Roxanne Shante
05.Holy Calamity(Bear Witness II)feat DJ Shadow and DJ Quest /
Handsome Boy Modeling School
06.2 3 Break / Rob Swift
07.Breakology / Scissor Cuts
08.Voice and Break / DJ KeitaMan feat Mitsui Motokazu
09.Breakology / Scissor Cuts
10.James Brown / Coldcut VS The Godfather
11.Get Soul Power Night / Unknown Artist
12.2 3 Break / Rob Swift
13.Lesson 7 / DJ Bombjack
14.Genius At Work / Big Apple Production Vol
15.Fusion Beats Vol2 / Fusion Beats
16.The Champ / Alan Hawkshaw
17.The Champ / Pete Hilger Quintet
18.Break Beats For Dummies / 45king
19.Live From Death Row Pt2 / Memory Man
20.Are You Crazy? / Unknown Artist
Crazy In Kingston / Beatconductor
21.Rapper's Delight / Sugarhill Gang
22.Old School/ The Virgo
23.Apache / Incredible Bongo Band
24.Apache / Bongo Rockers
25.Apache / Sugarhill Gang
26.Break Dance Electro Boogie / Junior Cartier
Rock The House / The B Boys
27.Rock / DJ Spinna
28.Work It Out / Beyonce
29.When Day Breaks, Night Falls / DJ DNA
30.Lesson 4 / DJ Shadow
31.Funky Thing / Dorando and The Ice Picks Of Soul
32.Genius At Work / Big Apple Production Vol3
33.It's Just Begun / Jimmy Castor Bunch(KeitaMan Edit Ver)
It's Just Begun / Hot City Bump Band
34.On The Run / Jungle Brothers
35.The Drumbattle / DJ Faust & Shortee
36.Right Thing (z-trip'set The Party Off Mix'In Three Parts) / DJ Shadow
37.Super Disco Breaks / DJ LBR
38.Lesson 716 / Scott Down and DJ Cutler
39.Bunky's Pick / Cut Chemist
40.Down To Mexico / Boca 45
41.He Won’t Get Far / Smoove
42.Talkin All That Jazz (Torti's Old School Mix Of Edits Dub)/ Stetsasonic
43.Talkin All That Jazz (2004 Re-Edit) / Stetsasonic
44.Nervous Breakdown / DJ Suspect
45.Lesson 7: Whats Funk? / Ruckus Roboticus