Busta Rhymes / GENESIS [2LP] - A.T.C.Q. / Oh My God声ネタ「As I Come Back」、Public Enemyカヴァーも収録!!

[ USED / A-〜B / 2LP ]



【特集】 Busta Rhymes

90年代好きも必須のA.T.C.Q. / Oh My God声ネタ「As I Come Back」、Public Enemyカヴァーの「Shut 'Em Down 2002」と永遠使える楽曲も収録!!「Break Ya Neck」、「What It Is」とクラブヒットも収録した人気盤!!

A1. Intro
A2. Everybody Rise Again
A3. As I Come Back
試聴: https://youtu.be/MH8J21fUxqA
A4. Shut 'Em Down 2002
試聴: https://youtu.be/otzLchVJ7dQ
A5. Genesis

B1. Betta Stay Up in Your House (feat. Rah Digga)
試聴: https://youtu.be/wMt6Fx5xUek
B2. We Got What You Want
B3. Truck Volume
B4. Pass the Courvoisier (feat. P. Diddy)
B5. Break Ya Neck
試聴: https://youtu.be/7-MqpVE5b6Q

C1. Bounce (Let Me See Ya Throw It)
C2. Holla
C3. Wife in Law (feat. Jaheim)
C4. A** on Your Shoulders (feat. Kokane)
C5. Make It Hurt

D1. What It Is (feat. Kelis)
試聴: https://youtu.be/ewQwxIZRSNI
D2. There's Only One (feat. Mary J. Blige)
D3. You Ain't F***In' Wit Me
D4. Match the Name with the Voice (feat. Flipmode Squad)
D5. Bad Dreams