DJ UPPERCUT / COOKIN' VOL.11 [2MIX CD] - 全曲サンプリングソース!2枚使いが炸裂!!

[ USED / A / 2枚組MIX CD ]



今回も、全曲サンプリングソースと言った内容で、ただネタと言うだけでは無く、曲そのものの良さが伝わるようMixされています!勿論、DJ Uppercut による2枚使いが炸裂!

さらにそしてボーナスディスク(DISC 1)には、「Cookin' Vol. 1」を、UPPERCUTが新たにMix!70's Soul全面真っ黒、といったレアグルーヴ・セットで、聴いているとアッと言う間に時間が経ってしまう濃い内容。全音楽ファン必聴です。

◆Disc 1
01.Joe Cocker/Woman To Woman
02.The Battle Of Band/Bazzsaw
03.Blue Jays/What Do You Want From Me Womem
04.Billy Squier/Big Beat
05.Steve Miller Band/Fly Like An Eagle
06.Dr John / Right Place Wrong Time
07.The 9th Creation / Bubble Gum
08.Skull Snaps / It's A New Day
09.The Honeydrippers / Impeach The President
10.The Fatback Band / Mr Bass Man
11.The Fatback Band / Gotta Learn How To Dance
12.Lafayette Afro-Rock Band / Darkest Light
13.Lafayette Afro-Rock Band / Hihache
14.Trouble Funk / Pump Me Up
15.The Mohawks / Camp
16.Kool And The Gang / Chocolate Buttermilk
17.Esther Williams / Last Night Changed It All
18.Jackson Sisters / Miracles
19.The Meters / Little Old Money Maker
20.Maceo / Soul Power 74
21.J.B.s / Hot Pants Road
22.Bobby Byrd / I Know You Got Soul
23.Lyn Collins / Think
24.Denice Coffy / Scorpio
25.Incredible Bongo Band / Apache
26.Herman Kelly & Life / Dance To The Dramer Beat
27.Liquid Liquid / Cavern
28.Blackbyrds / Rock Creek Park
29.Pleasuer / Joyus

◆Disc 2
01.Mike Bloomfield - Season Of The Witch
02.The Meters - Just Kissed My Baby
03.S.O.U.L. - Peace Of Mind.
04.AverageWhite Band - School Boy Crush
05.Monk Higgins - Gotta Be Funky
06.Jimmy McGriff - Dig On It.
07.The Headhunters -God Make Me Funky
08.James Brown - The Payback
09.Melvin Bliss - Synthetic Substitution
10.Nite-Liters - Down AndDirty
11.B.T.Express - Once You Get It
12.James Brown - Coldblooded
13.The Fatback Band - Put The Funk On You
14.Whole Darn Family - Seven Minutes Of Funk
15.Kool & The Gang - Jungle Jazz
16.Marva Whitney - It's My Thing
17.Dennis Coffey - Getting It On
18.Bobby Byrd -Hot Pnts...I'm Coming
19.Sly & The Family Stone - You Can Make It IfYou Try
20.Fever Tree - Come On In
21.Vicki Anderson - In The Land Of Milk And Honey
22.Babe Ruth - The Mexican
23.Lightnin' Rod - Sport
24.Cymande - Bra
25.Lyn Collins - Rock Me Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again.
26.The JB's - Blow your Head